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Values & Quality

We have created a strong and fair company that is firmly committed to the pursuit of quality

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We respect this principle in all our activities, both internally and externally, and focus on continuously improving and developing ERP’s internationally recognised environmental excellence.

We are focused on our customers’ needs. We solve their problems and introduce them to new opportunities they might not otherwise identify.
Our values drive how we operate and how we develop our services:

  • Integrity – we are committed to integrity and ethics;
  • Accountability – we operate in a clear and accountable manner;
  • Innovation - we focus on identifying solutions and achieving results;
  • Passion - we value, promote and fiercely protect our reputation;
  • Partnership - we are responsible partners to all our customers and suppliers;
  • Diversity – we invite, provide and respect challenging and different views and encourage competition;
  • Simplicity – we seek to continually simplify and improve all our processes, procedures and activities;
  • Oriented towards the customer – constant info exchange and satisfaction measurement.


Ethical Code

We firmly believe that following the highest ethical standards is of paramount importance. Our business practice policy embodies the core values that guide us both as a company and as individuals. 

After having obtained the Quality-Safety-Environment Integrated Certification in December 2012, ERP Italia was also awarded  the Attestation for Organisational and Management Model DL 231/2001, at the end of December 2013. Read the ERP Italy Ethical Code >

Social Report

At the end of 2014 ERP Italy drafted its Social Report in according to the requirements of the SA8000/2008 certification. Click here to read the ERP Italy Social Report

Quality Policy

We provide an extensive suite of resource recovery and producer responsibility services, ranging from compliance to bespoke services and consultancy support. Our Quality Policy is built around the management of the entire waste material value chain with fully transparent tracking.

ERP Italy has integrated quality procedures befitting our core business: local compliance services for European directives on waste management. 
Moreover, we also promote innovation in recycling technologies and partner with national and local government to create solutions that are eco-friendly and specifically designed for recycling.  Our marketing activities promote recycling activities and opportunities with the aim of increasing awareness and spreading the European Culture of Recycling. Read the ERP Italy Quality Policy>

Environmental Policy

ERP is founded on the knowledge that a healthy environment is necessary for sustainable economic growth
Our Environmental Policy ensures that we comply with every environmental regulation, legislation and requirement in all of our activities. Read the ERP Environment Policy >

Waste Broker Authorization

The Compliance Scheme ERP Italy has received the qualify as intermediary and trader of non-hazardous waste and / or hazardous waste without storage.


ERP Italy has the following certifications.

Quality, environment and DL231 certifications:

ERP ITALIA S.c.a.r.l Sede: Viale Assunta 101 20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) Italia P.IVA e C.F: 05495760968 Registro delle imprese di Milano Cap. Soc. Deliberato e interamente versato: 11.764,00€